Preparing electronic items fro relocation

How To Make Electronic Items Ready For Relocation

If you are moving locally in Mumbai or from Mumbai to a different city, Balaji Express Packers and Movers have the perfect team to take care of your belongings while packing and transportation. And, while we will do everything we can to make things as easy as possible for you, there are still some things we urge you do before we arrive. Making proper preparations prior to the arrival of any packers and movers will not only make their job easier, but it will also save you money.

It is important for you to know that Balaji Express Packers and Movers have trolleys, appropriate lifting machines, protective moving covers and trained moving staff before you hire us. We don’t evade our responsibilities in any way. Having said that, it is critical that you take the required precautions to protect your electronic items so that your move goes off without a hitch. Here are a few tips:


The microwave is one of the most common appliances. Cleaning and drying the microwave is crucial, but packing the microwave plate carefully is much more important. It’s usually composed of glass and can break if it becomes loose. It should be cleaned, dried, and wrapped in paper. Pack it separately and label the box to make it easy to locate.

Washing Machine

Before you relocate, make sure you do all of your washing. You should finish your laundry at least two days before you plan to pack your belongings. Before your machine is packed, it is important to clean, dry, and empty the machine hoses completely. Dry the machine thoroughly from the inside out, then drain all water from the hoses. Disconnect the washing machine from the power source and place all wiring inside the machine before closing the top. Instead of dragging the wire all the way and maybe harming the power cord, tape it and attach it to the machine. Check your instruction manual to determine if any parts need to be secured before transferring your machine. Keep the laundry basket, tub, washing powder, and other laundry equipment inside or packed with the machine. This prevents them from being misplaced. Every little bit contributes!


Empty and dry your dryer’s hoses. Balaji Express Packers and Movers can also assist you with keeping the hoses out for drying, although it will save you time if you do so before we arrive. Remove all of the lint from the filter as well, so it’s clean and ready to use at your new home. Check your instruction handbook, just like you did with the washing machine, to see if there is anything you need to secure before transporting your dryer.


Begin emptying your refrigerator a couple of nights before you move. To avoid odours, make sure your fridge is properly defrosted and dried. Before you begin defrosting your fridge, disconnect it from the power source, as leaving the fridge doors open while it is turned off will quickly defrost it. Also, vinegar can be used to clean the fridge’s walls. As soon as you get at your new house, a clean and fresh fridge will assist you in reconnecting it.

We are highly experienced Packers and Movers Mumbai and assist people to move on a daily basis. Our crew is professionally trained to handle sensitive electronic equipment and take care of them during transportation. When you hire Balaji Express Packers and Movers for your move, our moving expert will help you in making your electronic items ready for the move so that your belongings reach the destination safely and in pristine condition.

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